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Name:A-240-pin computer jacquard Belt-weaving Machine

 Mechanical Characteristics

•Advanced cam driven mechanism with smooth operation and low noise level; complete lubrication system for all the moving parts to provide high system reliability.
•Large warp thread opening to facilitate the fell formation and a better finishing.
•Precise central pillar design coupled with an open-style weft feeding device; large space for yarn threading operations; no obstruction to the users.
•Large capability for more ribbons in one individual weaving operation; high productivity; high economic value.

 Electronic Features

 •High system integration level with large scale integrated circuit and high-performance & reliable industrial control unit; low power consumption and excellent anti-interference property.
•User-friendly operation interface; excellent programmability; system self-checking and in-situ monitoring functions; high-speed USB interface for fast file transfer.
•Modular design of integrated circuit; high interchangeability and compatibility; ease of adjustment and maintenance.
•Modularized JACQUARD needle selection system to offer precise control via advanced electromagnetic valve; compact structure with excellent sealing; ease of maintenance; high durability of system components; low requirement on working environment.suitable for flexible ribbon weaving with fine warp threads.
Dragon Hairpin NO.    M/C Width    NO. Of Lines 
   192、240           750               10               
Reed Width     Heald Frame    Pick Repeat             
     30cm           8              8-40        
Motor Pwer    R.P.M
 1.5HP      800-1000 


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