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Name:4/80High-speed Ribbon Machine


For the production of varius pp belt,contton belt,safety belt,chest belt,chest belt,elastic belt.

Mechanical properties:

•Article 5 on behalf of the middle stripe ribbon machine of a number from 2-12,can be suitable for different weaving requirements,the ribbon width can be as large as 160mm;the brwn box can be as many as 18.

•High-precision mechanical parts,reasonable material applications as well  as imports of peillin and transmission as well as imports of peillin and transmission belts,todrive the machine stable,accurate,low nose machine and long service life,the depreciation rate is low.

•Auto-cycle oil supply systems,automatic fault protection device and a stable yarn  delivery.

•Fifth-generation edge flat ribbon machine income,high-speed,robust,stable transmission,low noise.Open design of the first flat-woven,fabrics,more perfect.

•With he width of the models can be mutually converted model,and may install other special equipment.

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